Free & Premium Plans

Flauntly was designed for individuals and teams to create landing pages quickly and easily. We understand that everyone has their own use case scenarios and personal needs of creating landing pages. From those considerations, we have put together 3 types of plans to help you get the job done.

Personal: Free Plan

All newly created accounts start off as a personal free plan.

Personal: Free plan (max of 2 pages)

For unlimited pages, upgrade to a premium personal plan and/or add a team along side your personal plan.

Personal Premium Plan: How to Upgrade

In order to upgrade your personal free plan into a personal premium plan:

  • Simply click the profile icon (in the top right corner) > Settings > Subscription > Upgrade

  • Or alternatively, add a new page after reaching the max of 2. The prompt will show the "upgrade" option.

Team Premium Plan

All premium plans are billed separately (personal, single member team, multiple teams etc).

Instead of upgrading to a premium personal plan, consider creating a team if you wish to share pages with others in the future. The difference comes down to privacy and whether or not you would like to use the workspace that holds your own personal landing pages for non-personal projects.

If you have any specific questions regarding teams, please see How Teams Work. For any additional questions, take a look at our FAQ and Guides for help. For customer support, please feel free to contact us.